Professional Hedge Trimming Services

Dedham Vale Tree Surgeons are ideally placed to serve the counties of Suffolk and Essex with a range of hedge maintenance services. In a competitive area, we stand out from the crowd thanks to our professionalism and aptitude, consistently carrying out hedge cutting/trimming, and hedge reductions to the highest standards at a cost-effective price.

Why Choose Dedham Vale Tree Surgery for your hedge maintenance?

Dedham Vale Tree Surgery, headed up by Harry Adams, have been committed to raising the standards of arboriculture in the industry for a number of years. This extends into all aspects of tree care including your hedges, whether it be routine trimming, or a reduction of an overgrown hedgerow. Our continuous investment in our business in the past few years has seen the addition of two cherry pickers which enable us to reach the tallest of hedges in a more efficient manner. Our tracked compact cherry picker is able to gain access to many areas that a traditional truck-mounted platform would struggle with. Having this range of machinery within the fleet reduces our hire costs, therefore giving us a further edge over our competitors.

Check out our 5 star reviews on google to see what our customers are saying about the high standards of hedge trimming and hedge maintenance we undertake throughout Suffolk, in towns including Colchester, Ipswich, and Manningtree.

Hedges, Topiary, and Shrub Maintenance:

Hedge Trimming

We carry out regular annual hedge trimming on all varieties of hedgerow, from traditional mixed English hedging, to Conifers, Yew, and Laurel. We strictly adhere to laws controlling the disturbance of nesting birds. If it is not possible to assess the location of any potential nests (such as in particularly dense conifer hedging) we will schedule the work to be done outside of the nesting season. 

Hedge Reductions

Hedges out of hand? Some varieties of hedging, notably Leylandii, can quickly spiral out of control if not kept on top of. The result is an overgrown hedge that may need a substantial reduction in the height. We always recommend an annual trim to keep your hedges in pristine condition, which can also prove to be more cost-effective in the long term. We are always on hand to advise the best course of action for your hedge reductions throughout Suffolk and Essex.

Hedge Restorations

In some cases hedges can be so overgrown that work beyond a simple reduction is required. In sparse mixed English hedgerows for example, there are various options, including coppicing (cutting to just above ground level) to encourage a new and more compact hedge, or interplanting to fill in any gaps.

Hedge Planting

Dedham Vale Tree Surgery are experts in prepping, planning, and planting new trees and hedges. We offer a full service including supply of locally sourced tree stock wherever possible. Additionally, we offer an after care service to ensure your newly planted hedgerow is maintained correctly.

If you’re looking for a hedge-cutting contractor in Colchester, Ipswich, or Manningtree, why not give Dedham Vale Tree Surgery a call. We offer free on-site advice and all quotations are free of charge with no obligation. Contact us today for more information.