Looking for a Colchester Tree Surgeon?

Dedham Vale Tree Surgeons are ideally placed to serve Colchester town with a full range of specialist tree services. In a competitive area, we stand out from the crowd thanks to our professionalism and aptitude, consistently carrying out tree work of the highest standards in Colchester and the surrounding towns and villages.

Why Choose Dedham Vale Tree Surgery in Colchester?

Dedham Vale Tree Surgery, headed up by Harry Adams, have been committed to raising the standards of arboriculture in the industry for a number of years. Our proactive approach to ongoing training and education, as well as continuous investment in our business has helped see our client base in Colchester for tree work soar in the past few years. Check out our 5 star reviews on google to see what our customers are saying about the high standards of tree care we undertake in Colchester.

Our services are varied and cover a full range of arboricultural practices including:

Crown Reduction and Shaping

Reduction of the entire tree canopy for improved light and shape

Crown Lifting and Thinning

Partial thinning to reduce canopy sail area


Careful pruning complying with BS 3998 (Recommendations for Tree Work)


Regular reducing to prevent trees from taking over – achieved through limiting their growth

Felling, Sectional Dismantling

Safe full or partial tree cutting using modern, controlled rigging

Pest and Disease Identification

Identification of pests and diseases with advice on how to remedy the problem

Tree Advice

Friendly professional expert advice

Emergency Tree Work

Call us day or night to make a dangerous situation safe

Tree Planting

Experts in prepping, planning and planting new trees and hedges

Hedge Cutting

From a light trim to a severe reduction in size or anything in between

Site Clearance

Complete landscape clearance ready for development

Log and Wood Chip Supplied

A range of log and wood chips supplied

Vegetation Clearance

Forestry and vegetation clearance

Stump Grinding

Removal of felled tree stumps to reclaim land ready for replanting

If you’re looking for a tree surgeon in Colchester for any tree surgery, stump removal, or hedge maintenance, why not give Dedham Vale Tree Surgery a call. We offer free on site advice and all quotations are free of charge with no obligation. Contact us today more more information.