Professional Tree Services in Suffolk & Essex

Dedham Vale Tree Surgeons are ideally placed to serve the counties of Suffolk and Essex with a full range of professional tree surgery services.

In a competitive area, we stand out from the crowd thanks to our professionalism and aptitude, consistently carrying out tree work of the highest standards in large towns including Ipswich, Manningtree, Colchester, and the surrounding towns and villages.

Why Choose Dedham Vale Tree Surgery?

Dedham Vale Tree Surgery, headed up by Harry Adams, have been committed to raising the standards of arboriculture in the industry for a number of years. Our proactive approach to ongoing training and education, as well as continuous investment in our business, has helped see our client base for tree surgery services in Suffolk and Essex soar in the past few years. Check out our 5 star reviews on Google to see what our customers are saying about the high standards of tree care we undertake in your area.

Our services are varied and cover a full range of tree surgery practices including:

Crown Reduction and Shaping

Reduction of the entire tree canopy for improved light and shape – Tree reductions help to maintain existing tree stock that may be planted in an area insufficient for the size of the mature tree. A properly executed tree reduction carried out on a cyclical basis helps to keep the size under control. Reductions may also be necessary on safety grounds, to reduce overly heavy lateral limbs, or diseased limbs. Every tree is unique and subject to its own needs, therefore we recommend a site visit where one of our experts can advise if a reduction is the best course of action for your tree.

Crown Lifting and Thinning

Partial thinning to reduce canopy sail area – Selective thinning of a tree’s canopy is often preferable to a reduction. If the object of the exercise is to allow more light through the tree, the longer-term benefits of thinning over a reduction result in less ongoing maintenance, and more importantly retaining the tree in its natural form. A reduced tree (depending on variety) may be prone to growing an abundance of foliage, subsequently negating any long term benefit for the reduction, assuming the aim was to allow more light into your garden.
Likewise, a crown lift, or removal of the lower branches can have the positive effect of letting more natural light filter through the canopy, whilst also allowing for vehicular or pedestrian clearance.


Whenever employing a tree surgeon to carry out work to your trees, it is important to ensure they are qualified and have a certain level of knowledge and experience in the correct pruning of trees. Dedham Vale Tree Surgeons carry out careful pruning, complying with BS 3998 (Recommendations for Tree Work)


Regular reducing to prevent trees from taking over – achieved through limiting their growth – Pollarding is a somewhat more brutal form of a reduction. Traditionally this is carried out on street trees and begins in the early stages of a trees life. Due to the subsequent  regrowth being poorly attached to the tree, pollarding should be done regularly to ensure any new growth doesn’t grow to a size where it becomes prone to failure. This can be done at various intervals and is very much subject to the variety of trees the work is carried out on. We can advise during the quotation stage of the correct intervals to ensure your tree remains healthy and safe.

Felling, Sectional Dismantling

Safe full or partial tree cutting using modern, controlled rigging – Dedham Vale Tree Surgeons specialise in the removal of trees in urban environments. Our work rarely affords us the luxury of straight felling trees, therefore we have a number of methods for the same removal of trees in tight spaces, including climbing and rigging, tree removal with the assistance of a MEWP, or for larger jobs we may opt for a crane assisted tree removal.

Pest and Disease Identification

Identification of pests and diseases with advice on how to remedy the problem – It is important to correctly identify any fungus or other defects found on a tree before deciding on a necessary course of action. Having the knowledge to indentify any issues and possible remedies can be carried out during the quotation stage. In some cases, for example if a known decay fungus is present, it may be necessary to carry out further tests to assess the level of decay within the tree and the risk it poses. This can be achieved with the aid of ultra-sound testing, which effectively maps out the internal structure of a tree and the strength remaining within.

Tree Advice

We offer friendly professional expert advice during the quotation stage on all tree-related issues throughout Suffolk and Essex. We can offer short and long term solutions for maintaining your trees, including advice on replanting in the case that your tree needs to be removed.

Emergency Tree Work

Call us day or night to make a dangerous situation safe – In times of severe weather conditions, we always clear the diary for at least one team in order to be able to respond immediately to any emergency tree work callouts. If we are exceptionally busy, any work carried out on the day may be the minimum required to make the tree safe, with a follow-up visit if required to clear-up and remove any waste from site.

If you’re looking for a tree surgeon in Colchester, why not give Dedham Vale Tree Surgery a call. We offer free on site advice and all quotations are free of charge with no obligation. Contact us today for more information.