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Narrow access stump grinder for stump removal in Colchester, Manningtree, and Ipswich
Stump Grinding in Suffolk

New narrow access stump grinder

Say hello to our new narrow-access stump grinder. It’s narrow enough to fit almost any width space including most typical garden gate sizes. What makes

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Christmas spirit at Dedham Vale
Company News

It’s feeling Festive!

Here at Dedham Vale Tree Surgery, we are already starting to feel the Christmas spirit as we notice more and more of our lovely customers

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Removing overhanging tree from caravan with a crane.
Tree Work with Cranes

Working with cranes

At Dedham Vale Tree Surgery we consider ourselves pretty lucky to be for the most part doing a job we love. Some days are always

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removing storm damaged conifer tree
Emergency Tree Work

Storm damaged trees

So the recent fallout from storm Francis has brought in some emergency work in both Manningtree and East Bergholt with not only windfall branches and

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