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More windy weather!

Tree clearance in Bradfield

What a crazy 4 months it’s been of 2024, the windiest and most unpredictable weather we’ve known in recent years and unfortunately, probably a sign of what to expect in the future. It seems all our recent posts have been about storms and damaged trees, but we’ve been inundated with calls about storm damaged trees from the word go this year and it’s certainly kept up busy!

We had a call after 6pm on a Monday evening in April, a customer of ours had returned from home from work to find one of their Lombardy poplars had come down across their drive, taken out a power line and pole and eventually landed in the road, causing absolute chaos for the residents of Bradfield.

We managed to get a team together that evening from Stoke By Nayland and Tendring and rushed over to get started on cutting up the fallen tree to allow UK Power Networks access to remove their broken pole. With the help of UKPN team, the local police and a handful of locals, we were able to get the tree moved by 8:30pm to allow the road to be cleared and reopened as well as a new electric pole and repaired line to allow the power to be switched on once more for the Bradfield locals. We were then back the next day to remove the final parts of the tree stem.

Once again I have to take my hat off to the guys that came back to work after finishing their usual jobs for the day, it’s fair to say the drinks at the pub where on me that week!

The weather is starting to finally turn and the warmer weather seems to be upon us now, thank god!!!