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Happy 2019

hedge cutting in Manningtree

Happy New Year to all our customers. We had our customary two-week break over Christmas and everyone was back to work fully refreshed last week. First job back was a combo of hedge shaping in Manningtree(including about a 12 foot reduction in height of a long row of Leylandii) and fencing and planting of new hedgerow. 

The customer had an extremely large area to fence and hedge and we advised on the cost effective but very attractive hedge of hornbeam (pictured). Hornbeam (carpinus betulus) has several advantages in addition to its good looks, in that although deciduous it holds its leaf for 9 months of the year, and it is also fast growing and a native plant. It is in fact native to the southeast of England although is now found as far north as Scotland. Furthermore its versatility is impressive in that it doesn’t mind the soil type it is planted in and is suitable for dry, wet or shady sites.  

Planting of bareroot hedgerow or whips can be done until late winter so please do give us a call to discuss any hedging requirements you may have and we can chat through the various other options if hornbeam is not for you.

Dedham Vale Tree Surgery likes to support other local businesses and we use a local supplier for all our hedging.