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Native trees in the UK

native tree species to plant in your garden

When thinking of planting a tree in your garden we would almost always recommend using a native species. The native species are great at helping insects and nature survive and some of our favourite examples are below:

Crab Apple (Malus sylvestris), a pretty tree that provides all year round interest as it barely without either leaves, blossom or berries or a combo of two of these. The tiny red apples stay on the tree all through winter and provide great food for the birds but if you prefer you can actually cook and make jam from them. If it snows you will have a picture perfect image of snow on red berries.

Willow (Salix) In these times of flooding and ground water laying on surfaces a willow is a great choice to drink up all that excess water and keep your garden slightly less damp through the winter months

English Oak (Quercus Robur) arguably the most easily identified tree in the UK, an oak can live for 500 years and although there are several varieties of oak tree the English oak is good for the drier weather conditions we have here in the South East of the UK. Great for attracting insects too.

We have lots of knowledge and ideas for planting trees within your garden so please do contact us if you are thinking of increasing your garden flora or even replacing some. We don’t just cut them down!!