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Non native trees

Dedham Vale tree surgeon removing a tree in Manningtree.

Continuing from last week’s post about native trees I have again used the Woodland trust website to provided a definition of non-native trees:

Any species that has been brought to the UK by humans is called non-native. This means that species would not naturally live here if it were not for us intentionally or accidentally bringing them here. About 8,000 years ago, Neolithic man first arrived in Britain and brought new species, such as plant crops and livestock, and a few stowaways like the house mouse.

There are many non-native species living in the UK. Some, like Douglas fir and Sitka spruce, are used in forestry; and others, such as copper beech and London plane, were brought here for their beauty.

Below is a link to non-native trees, some of them may surprise you!