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Dead Tree Removal in Felixstowe

Dead tree removal in Felixestowe

One of our teams visited Felixstowe Hospital yesterday morning after a tree had been reported as dangerous. From all indications prior to our visit, we went prepared to carry out a tree removal.

The Sycamore tree in question was at the entrance to a staff car park. Due to the amount of decayed/brittle wood throughout the dying canopy, a branch had unfortunately dropped on a car.

In addition to this, the tree was located directly beside the main road, footpath, and within striking distance of BT cables. All things taken into account, this was treated as an emergency tree removal and our team was dispatched immediately.

Risk assessment for dead & dying tree removal

One of the first things to consider when dealing with emergency tree work in Felixstowe or anywhere else is the safety of the workforce.

In this particular instance, we had to decide if the tree was safe to climb. As it was weighted towards the BT cables, felling was not an option. Even if we were able to pull it over with heavy machinery, the decayed wood still left a question mark as to the integrity of the hinge.

A MEWP could have been employed to avoid climbing altogether. However, our trained tree surgeon assessed the level of decay and the height he would need to climb and decided it was within safe parameters.

Danger to the public

Of equal importance is the creation of a safe work zone, ensuring members of the public are not exposed to any risk.

In this case, as the tree was beside a main road and overhanging a footpath, the correct placement of cones and signs was of vital importance. As was having enough manpower to effectively monitor pedestrians and traffic. In addition, a man would be needed to assist the climber.

With all necessary safety precautions in place, our team were able to dismantle the hazardous tree quickly and efficiently. The job was completed within the space of a couple of hours. All waste was removed from site and transported to our yard for recycling.

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