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Hintlesham Hall Golf Club Timber Extraction

Timber extraction at Hintlesham Hall.

We have embarked on a large project at Hintlesham Hall golf club felling and extracting large decaying trees that are invasive to the native setting of the Hintlesham valley. The weather has been extremely testing but the guys at Dedham Vale Tree Surgery have muscled through and persevered to get the job done.

When we first visited the site there appeared to be no obvious solution to getting the large timber off the island and up the hill from the customers perspective. After a bit of head-scratching between the professional tree surgeons of Dedham Vale, I sketched out a plan and sent the proposal over to the customer. He liked the idea and gave us the go ahead. The plan when perfectly and was overall a great success. Locally I’ve never seen it done before so maybe this is a first for a east Anglian tree company. We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of the tree industry and constantly progressing and pushing the boundaries of what we thinks possible.