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New narrow access stump grinder

Narrow access stump grinder for stump removal in Colchester, Manningtree, and Ipswich

Say hello to our new narrow-access stump grinder. It’s narrow enough to fit almost any width space including most typical garden gate sizes. What makes this machine even more impressive is its power-to-weight ratio, meaning it is light enough to lift up steps, over fences, and any number of other garden obstacles. Dedham Vale Tree Surgery has always offered stump grinding but we had primarily concentrated on the bigger tree stumps using heavy-duty machinery. Now we’ve realised we want to cater to every situation, specialy in more domestic settings.

Please get in touch to book the most efficient small stump grinder on the uk market. Im sure you’ll see us grinding In the Essex and Suffolk area, particularly in towns like Harwich, Manningtree and Colchester.