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Storm damaged trees

removing storm damaged conifer tree

So the recent fallout from storm Francis has brought in some emergency work in both Manningtree and East Bergholt with not only windfall branches and trees down but also one tree struck by lightning.  A road in Dedham was recently blocked by a fallen willow, but it was a Colchester council-owned tree so the Highways Agency dealt with it rapidly.

One such job entailed clearing a failed conifer that had split apart at the main stem. The broken limb was resting on an outbuilding and needed immediate attention to make safe.

This coming week I am my own customer as sadly my Pseudoacacia tree has died. Sometimes trees do have a dormant phase where it appears they may have died but in fact are still living.  I am always happy to make this assessment of trees for you when I quote as I love to save trees wherever I can, always preferring to reduce than remove if my client is agreeable to this.