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Dedham Vale Tree Surgeons


Working with cranes

Removing overhanging tree from caravan with a crane.

At Dedham Vale Tree Surgery we consider ourselves pretty lucky to be for the most part doing a job we love. Some days are always more fun than others. Sometimes it isn’t so good because of tough weather conditions, whilst other days are amazing.

This week we had one of the amazing days out in Weeley with a huge 40t crane hired in. The job was to remove a large Willow tree that was leaning over a static caravan. Due to various issues with the tree, its structural integrity was in question. It was therefore seen as a safer option to remove the stems with a crane rather than rigging from the tree itself and causing potential shock loading. Many thanks to the excellent Eastern Crane Hire for the crane hire and well done to the team for carrying out the job so efficiently.

We are fortunate to our own cherry pickers which we often use but is also available to hire at Dedham Vale Cherry Picker hire, but some jobs just need the big guns!